Movie Review: Argo (2012)

Argo 2012 Movie Review, Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston

Argo is a terrible movie. A complete rip-off of Star Wars with a terrible story and it should have never been put into production. Good job the Iranians didn’t know that! Our 2012 Argo is actually a work of art, telling the true story of how a CIA exfiltration expert successfully evacuated six American citizens trapped in Iran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1980. 

Ben Affleck is rapidly becoming a master of all trades. His 2007 acclaimed directorial debut Gone Baby Gone and 2010’s The Town grabbed the attention of many critics and awarding bodies, with both films being Oscar Nominees. At the time of writing, Argo is also widely predicted to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and it’s easy to see why. With Argo, Ben Affleck managed to create a film which is remarkably funny in certain places and so tense your stomach knots up in others. The tension he creates is magnificent: it isn’t created through explosions and gun fights, but through timing and emotional investment. The feelings of trepidation we experience in Argo are proof of Affleck’s craftsmanship as a director, if only for the sole reason that it’s a true story and we know how it ends! 

We all know that Ben Affleck is a talented actor and writer and it’s good to see that taking on the director’s mantle doesn’t detract from that, turning in a solid, thoughtful performance as Tony Mendez. Comedic highlights are provided by John Goodman and Alan Arkin playing John Chambers and Lester Siegel respectively as the Hollywood insiders who are masterminding the fake Argo. Their scathing commentary on the business of Hollywood itself in particular is both accurate and hilarious. As ever I’m blown away by Bryan Cranston, he’s one of my favourite actors right now and despite only having a supporting role, his display of diverse talent was a pleasure to watch. The entire ensemble cast work beautifully together. Every character in Argo is played convincingly and faithfully and it shows in the end credits with comparisons between the cast and their real life counterparts. 

Argo is a gripping, intense and finely crafted film which is thoroughly deserving of the accolades it’s already received and will undoubtedly be receiving in January. The film will hold you in its grasp right until its thrilling, triumphant conclusion with its stylised blend of hilarity and exhilaration. I strongly suggest you go see it the first chance you get.

Rating: 4/4

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  1. I also really liked Argo, and was glad it was the big winner Oscar night. However, I dont think it will be known as a classic.