New Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness Extended Trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness has released yet another trailer and it's another cracker. I have to say I'm very excited about this film. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the very best actors out there right now, being Sherlock and The Necromancer/Smaug in The Hobbit, and I can't express how much I'm looking forward to seeing Sherlock kicking Kirk's behind in this. I don't even care that Kirk's the good guy and Kahn/John Harrison (depending what you've read) is bent on destroying the Earth in a fit of vengeance.

This trailer doesn't seem to give too much away, despite the current trend at the moment to completely ruin the plot of films in 2 minutes flat. What we can garner from these 2 minutes is that there's going to be a royal rumble of explosions, family vengeance, space, mutiny(?) and explosions. Should be good then.

What do you think? Will you being watching? Who do you think Cumberbatch's character will be? Leave a comment down below! 
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Author: Nick Roberts
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  1. I know my eyesight is not what it was but for a moment I thought that was Robert Redford and Paul Newman, clad in hooded chainmail (?), doing the famous, off the cliff into the river, jump in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Anyway plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery they say. However, inspite of the trailer, I'm looking forward to the film as an ardent sci-fi fan who remembers the first Star Trek series in black and white back in the day !

    1. Haha I guess it is pretty similar, but then again there are only so many ways to film two people jumping off a cliff! Cheers for reading.