New Trailer: As I Lay Dying, James Franco’s debut directorial effort.

James Franco is on fire this year. This will be his fourth film and directorial debut and we’re only half way through May! Happily, As I Lay Dying marks a return back to his dramatic roles and will hopefully set a trend for him taking on a number of more serious parts. Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy his comedy, I’m super excited for This Is The End, but it’d be nice to see another 127 Hours-calibre performance. In addition to starring and directing this film, Franco is also producing it and wrote the screenplay, I guess he really likes this novel.

Based on William Faulkner’s novel of the same name, As I Lay Dying is the story of a family travelling to Jefferson to put their dying mother to rest. Beyond that, I can’t really tell what’s going to happen except a vast amount of Jeff Bridges’ True Grit-style mumbling exemplified by a child who has a nice little speech which I can’t decipher a word of.
Overall it looks to be a solid film featuring a strong cast. Alongside Franco will be Tim Blake Nelson, Tom Hardy look-alike Logan Marshall-Green, Richard Jenkins (rumoured) and in what may be his first dramatic role ever, Danny McBride(?)!

Now you’ve seen the trailer, tell me in the comments what you think that child was saying. Seriously.


Author: Nick Roberts
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  1. At least he's reaching and trying everything he can. Whether or not he succeeds we should at least appreciate that effort instead of dumping on him in totality.

    I haven't loved everything thing he's done but I applaud his ambition.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! Though I wasn't tying to dump on him. I'm excited for the film to see what he can pull out of the bag. I merely meant it'd be good to see him in a more dramatic role again as when he puts his mind to it he's one of the best dramatic actors out there.

  2. As interpretation, it's timid at best, taking the emotional accents of its irony-strewn, often bitterly funny source very much at face value.

    Irene (Eureka Joe's)

  3. All in all, As I Lay Dying is an interesting book, but flawed, and not one that can come strongly recommended. You won't regret reading it, but you won't feel enlightened or satisfied either.